About Premium Gambling Domain Names

Welcome to PremiumGamblingDomains.com — a full service igaming domain name storefront loaded with some of the best “for sale” gambling domain names in the industry.

Our team has been investing in gambling domains for over a decade now. In particular, sports betting domains are the core of what we offer.

Every igaming brand, site or project needs a clearly identifiable igaming domain name to match. Many times, you might start with the gambling domain name to help you decide on the business name.

Our Gambling Domain Names Collection

This is where we come in. Premium Gambling Domains owns over 500+ “gambling domains” and counting. We also work with other igaming domain sellers to “broker” or help sell their domains.

We have a large collection of:

And more… You can browse our collections here. Some of our gambling domain names are very premium in nature, while others are above average in quality. At the end of the day, if a domain name fits your needs — who’s to say whether or not it’s “premium” or not.

The iGaming Domain Names Store Front

Keep Calm and Buy Gambling Domain Names NowWe urge your to shop around and use our igaming domain search function in the top – right – menu. Our team has spent years building and growing this collection. We also spend hours a day managing the domain data.

You can search by category, tag, keyword and more. All domain names have a BIN (buy it now) price associated with them. If you are certain you want a specific gambling domain, this is the best way to ensure you claim it.

Offers are also accepted on all gambling domain names, but we warn you, a BIN purchase could come in at any time to swoop up the domain.

We will save your some time here — we are NOT desperate to sell our igaming domains. So please don’t waste our time or your own time with terrible offers. You see our well thought out pricing — lets work to make a deal within reason of the asking prices for the gambling domains.

Buying igaming Domains in Bulk

If you are interested in buying a large number of our domain names — reach out to us via live chat (in the bottom right) or the “make an offer” form from any given domain name page.

We can work on a package that makes sense for both you (the gambling domain buyer) and is (the gambling domain seller).

Be specific with the domains you are interested in so we can work on a quote that fits your needs.

What About Gambling Websites?

On top of selling gambling domain names, we also sell fully functional gambling websites. These are sites housed on a premium domain name — already loaded with content, branding, logo and a setup.

These will be located under the collection “Gambling Websites” and will not have a price listed on them. To inquire about any of our fully functioning gambling websites please use the make offer form on that specific page.

When you purchase a full gambling website you get everything. The domain, the content, the setup, the branding, the social media accounts (if there are any), and so on!

Our Parent Company

Premium Gambling Domains is owned and operated by Knup Solutions LLC. Knup Solutions is a giant in the sports betting content and consulting space.

That is a very good thing for you. With every domain purchase, our parent company has committed to offering you a number of things:

  • Homepage: Free SEO homepage content (up to 2000 words)
  • Base Content: Free 20,000 words of content to help start your build
  • Free Logo: Free logo design from our in-house graphics team. Some domains already have a logo created
  • Ongoing Content at Discount: Discounted rate for ongoing igaming content after the initial free content
  • Free Consulting: Free hour consulting call with owner and CEO Ryan Knuppel. Ryan has decades of experience with websites and brands in the igaming space. Let him answer questions, connect you with the right people, or talk strategy for an hour. Complimentary with each domain sale.

Choose Premium Gambling Domains

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start browsing our premium gambling domains.

Come back daily or better yet — join the iGaming Tribe slack channel to be notified when new domains are added to the collection.

We are constantly growing. We are always looking to offer you the best gambling domains out there.

We use Escrow.com to guarantee all payments are safe, easy and quick. You can trust us. Our 20 years in the industry speak volumes. We aren’t hiding and are fully transparent about doing business.

We simply want everyone to WIN in this sports betting boom that is sweeping the United States. Plus, gambling, esports and igaming interest in general is at an all time high worldwide.

Grab your gambling domain name and start building your legacy today.

Are you interested in selling your gambling domain names? Click here to learn more about our gambling broker service.

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Have more questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ section where we try to answer anything and everything that might come up.