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It’s a great domain name for sports betting website or an affiliate website dedicated to West Virginia audience.Sports betting industry in the United States is booming in over 10 states and West Virginia is one of them.

Since West Virginia legalised sports betting, there has been a huge demand for any website that is in any way related to sports betting. From portals with articles about the industry, articles about sports matches, betting previews and even affiliate websites. As long as it has anything to do with sports betting and the state of West Virginia, any website is bound to attract traffic.

As revealed at the start of September 2019, the sports betting revenue in West Virginia more than doubled, compared to last couple of months, indicating the sports betting industry is advancing at a rapid pace. That being said, mobile betting also became available for the residents for West Virginia, meaning there is a huge potential for its sports betting industry to continue its growth.

And you could take advantage of the situation with your own website at westvirginiabettingsports.com

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