Gambling Domain FAQ

Below are a number of frequently asked questions we get here at!

What if I see one of your gambling domains listed on another site?

  • We do list our gambling domain names on third party auction sites and other directories from time to time. If you see our name listed elsewhere and it has a lower BIN price, we will honor that price here. Make an offer and mention where you saw the price and we will work to finalize the deal with you.

How does the domain purchase & transfer process work?

  • We use for safe transactions. It’s the best in the business and will keep your money in escrow until the domain is released. Here is the “flow” of a transaction:
    • Buyer & Seller Agree to Terms (Buy it Now or Offer Accepted in our store)
    • Buyer Sends Payment to (You send payment to
    • Domain Name Transfer Submitted (Once gets your payment, We will submit domain name transfer details to
    • Buyer Receives Domain Name Transfer (You will get domain name details)
    • Pays Seller (We get the money)
  • So as you can see, this is a great process and perfectly secure. We do not get the money until the domain name is safely transferred.

Is there a minimum I can offer for an igaming domain

  • No, you may offer $1 if you wish. But please remember that we aren’t desperate to sell gambling domains so it will likely be a waste of all of our time. We think our BIN prices are fair. That said, offers anywhere from 50% BIN value and up are encouraged.

Will you respond to every domain name offer?

  • Yes, even if the offer is terrible or insulting — you will get a reply from us. We are professionals and will act like it.

Can I “return” a domain after purchase?

  • No, this makes no sense. Once a domain is bought and transferred, there are no refunds or returns.

How do you determine your BIN prices?

  • Pricing of gambling domains is not an exact science. We take a combination of past sales, estimate tools, industry expectations, industry trends, demand indicators and more to come up with a BIN price that is fair to both the buyer and seller.

How do I know I won’t be scammed?

  • We realize the domain industry gets a bad rap sometimes. To combat that, we are 100% transparent about who we are. To scam you would mean putting our 110% high quality reputation on the line. We aren’t willing to do that for a domain sale. The fact that we list our parent company and owner information should ease your mind a bit. Plus, using completely eliminates being scammed. They are the middle man holding the money and domains until all is transferred correctly.

How do I add my gambling domains to your brokering service?

  • Contact us via live chat and we will get you the details. We will need to understand what domains you are selling, what price you are expecting, and what length of time you are willing to use us as a broker. Once we understand all of that we will send a Broker agreement to you to be signed.

What is the fee to list a domain for sale?

  • There is no listing fee. There is a 20% selling fee when the domain is sold.

How do I contact Premium Gambling Domains?