Gambling Domain Broker Service

Are you looking to sell a gambling related domain (or many domains) but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you just want a little help moving your domains. Let help you!

We offer the best gambling domain broker service out there at a reasonable cost. Sometimes it’s more hassle than it’s worth to try and sell your own gambling domain. Let us help.

What is a Gambling Domain Broker?

You can think of a gambling domain broker as a “real estate agent” for domain names. We already have the store, the interested buyers, the marketing tools & the expert sales team to sell your gambling domains. So why try to do this by yourself?

How it Works

  1. Chat with our team via “Live Chat” or the contact form to understand if we are a good fit to work together on your domains.
  2. Fill out the “Premium Gambling Domains Broker” application form.
  3. Once accepted, we will send you a small “Domain Broker Agreement” form to be signed.

From there, we are OFF TO THE RACES. We will then start working on selling your domain or domains. Keep reading for what all you get when you use us as a domain broker.

What You Get

  • Storefront Listing — Listing in our storefront here. We must list a BIN price and all offers will be ran by you as the owner.
  • Newsletter Exposure — Exposure and mentions in our email newsletter that goes out to potential gambling domain buyers.
  • Slack Channel Exposure — Exposure in our “domains” channel of the #1 igaming slack community — “iGaming Tribe”.
  • Finalizing Sales — Negotiating and closing of domain sales. Any offers that come in will get handled by our igaming domain experts. After consulting you, we will negotiate with end buyers to come to some agreement on price.
  • Escrow — Smooth Escrow of the money making the sale of your gaming domain easy, transparent and safe!
  • Bonus: if your domain sells, we will give the buyer free content for their homepage (up to 2000 words) — written by our parent company and industry leading igaming content providers.

What Types of Gambling Domains Will We Sell?

We will chat with you about whether or not we think our team can help “sell” your gambling domains — but in general here are the type of domains we can sell:

  • Betting Domains
  • Gambling Domains
  • eSports Domains
  • Sports Domains
  • Odds Domains
  • Sportsbook Domains
  • Wager Domains
  • Casino Domains
  • Poker Domains
  • Fantasy Sports Domains
  • Future Athlete Domains

We strongly prefer to broker .com domains but we will also entertain other TLD’s if the domain keywords are premium in nature.

What Our Gambling Domain Broker Service Costs

  • $0 Listing Fee
  • 20% Final Sale Fee
  • 6 Month Minimum Listing

With our service, we only collect $ if the sale was actually done through our site and sales process. So, you are welcome to continue to sell on your own through other avenues.

We don’t believe in backing you into a corner. You can use our service ALONGSIDE of your own sales techniques and if you sell a domain off of our platform, we won’t collect a dime.

There really is no reason NOT to list with us when you think about it.

Get Started Selling Your Domains Today

Give us a try. What do you have to lose? No listing fee and a small selling fee. Why try to sell your gambling domain yourself when we can help make it happen quicker and for more money.