iGaming Investment Opportunity

We are offering something truly unique to you. Do you have an interest in being a part of the booming sports betting industry? Or maybe you have capital and a desire to be the igaming space but not sure where to start?

Let’s work together!!!

We are looking for investors and partners that are willing to put up capital / money into a project. You invest the money. We invest the time.

How Does Our iGaming Investment Program Work?

Choose a Domain — We choose a domain from our collection and form a “50/50 partnership agreement” on a project surrounding that domain. We will discuss what domain makes sense to build out in your area of interest.

Capital Investment — Your company will invest a one time $10,000 into this project up front.

Develop the Site — Our team will setup a nice site theme for the project to be housed on. We will create a design and logo that is brandable for the domain.

Create Content for the Site — Our team will create SEO rich content to build a “portal” out on this domain name. We will create a homepage and map out other pages/posts that fit this projects long term vision.

Link Building — To flip or sell a site, it will need to be ranking for different terms. After the content is created, our team will begin doing a 6-12 month link building campaign to drive the SEO value up.

End Game — Now we have a fully operating niche gambling website or portal. How do we make money? Major operators and affiliate companies are buying these sites for Millions of dollars.

    1. One – we monetize it via affiliate links, product sales, service sales, lead generation for the short term. This should be more than enough revenue to break even on the project.
    2. Two – we list the fully operating site for sale to the large list of buyers premium gambling domains has acquired. A domain only may sell for $10,000 but a website/portal like this may sell for $100,000 to $1,000,000.

Project Duration — The goal is for us to “flip” the property (site) between 1 and 2 years of the project beginning.

Why Partner With Us?

Our team (the best igaming content and marketing team in the world) will invest time and sweat equity. We will program and build out the site. We will create a design and logo that is brandable.

We will then create seo content to make the site fully functional. On top of that, we will do some initial link building to help the ranking process start taking shape for the site.

We also already have the buyers in place once this project is complete. We truly have the dream team to build, market and sell web portals such as this.

Let’s capitalize on the next 5 years together.

Is There Risk?

Yes, there is risk. No business opportunity is risk free. The risk is our site doesn’t sell. We sit on it. We struggle to monetize.

But remember, we will slowly get our money back. It’s now an asset that will be worth more tomorrow than it was yesterday. And it always has the upside of do landing the monster buyer that will pay 10x plus for the site.

You put in the capital. We put in the time. We each own 50% of the project. And we both work to monetize or sell!

Click the chat or contact us to get started.